Alexander Mackenzie, 61: "I would warn my younger self to change my lifestyle"

Nine out of ten stroke survivors would go back in time and urge their younger self to make lifestyle changes which may have prevented their stroke, a new UK-wide survey by the Stroke Association has revealed. 

More than four out of five people surveyed in Scotland, say they hadn’t realised that they were at risk of a stroke. But nine out of ten had since made lifestyle changes. 

Stroke is one of the leading causes of adult disability and the fourth biggest cause of death in the UK, with similar percentages worldwide. 

While some strokes are unavoidable, up to nine out of ten are linked to lifestyle and could be preventable if people are aware of the risks and able to make changes. Alexander Mackenzie, 61, from Edinburgh had his stroke in Feb 2020. He was told the stroke had almost definitely caused by high blood pressure. 

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